ADHOC Intertek, operational since 2009, is a Beijing based company that manufactures and markets reagents for quality control of biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, optimization of health products, scientific research, and enzymes such as reagents used in the production of Sulodexide’s raw materials.
The company’s product lines comprise:

  • Aglyco: includes reagents for use in the quality control tests of heparin chemicals and scientific research (such as heparin elimination in extracorporeal circulation, the preparation of anti-tumor drugs, inhibition of neovascularization, and others)
  • Other: includes Chemical materials for diagnostic tests (such as Thromboelastography, Coagulometer, biochemical analyzer, etc), optimization of health products (such as health care products of chondroitin sulfate) and enzymes for use in the production of Sulodexide’s raw materials.
  • Our worldwide clients are located in France, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Portugal, Holland, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, Jordan, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Algeria, Ukraine, Indonesia,  Japan, Korea, Singapour, Spain, Poland, Bangladesh, and we are expanding into many other nations.
  • Our prioritize your satisfaction and a long-term cooperation with you.